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Who am I ?

A little bit about Bruk Amsalu

Born in the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa. Bruk is the first born child of an all Ethiopian family. He got the chance to fulfill his dreams when moved to the united states of America in 2000 G.C. as a young man. Upon arrival in the united states of america he thought he should pursue his future in a more conventional manner which is why it felt right to study for his BA in accounting at GMU. But old habits die hard and his destiny said otherwise. After completing his BA, he took the first step to do what is he really wanted and enrolled to study photography in New York institute of photography (NYIP). NYIP is one of the most respectable institutes in the states and learning there gave him a broader perspective of photography.

After completing his studies, Bruk went back to Ethiopia in 2013 G.C., where he first felt at home, to pursue his career in photography. He have grown in this industry and feel there is more to learn and more to achieve. He is also the founder of vintage pixels photography.

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